Recovering from fsck.ext3 Unable to resolve LABEL problem

I was a little more than hasty in physically removing an SSD drive from my CentOS NAS box. Yes, I at least powered the system off before yanking it out.  I simply did it in the wrong order. How was I to know that the system would see ANY drive as an important drive and force you into maintenance mode even if the volume is empty.  Either way, always remove the fstab entries first when planning drive maintenance like this.

CentOS (5.7) booted up until it found the missing SSD then allowed forced me into the ‘maintenance’ console. This puts the system in to read-only mode. Meaning I could not simply edit fstab and remove the entry for my now missing drive.

Just needed to remount in read-write mode, edit fstab and move on.

A google search found this site which would have probably worked for a similar scenario where the outage wasn’t planned: