Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Build


Install the Linux Subsystem for Windows Anniversary Update:

Tabbed Console provided by ConEMU:

Create custom task for launching BASH to fix the following:

  • Launch BASH in the virtual home dir – Don’t muck around with Windows filesystem from Bash on Windows.  AT THE TIME OF THIS WRITING 8.18.2017 – Some of the permission mapping isn’t fully implemented and you can accidentally lose access to files via Explorer.  Keep the two worlds separate if you can spare the space.
  • Fix arrow keys in VIM.  (After 20+ years of working on *nix I haven’t broken the habit of using the arrow keys yet)



Forgotten password workaround Win7/Win2k8

Have you ever had a VM sit in your repository so long that you forgot the Administrator password?  Neither have I and that’s why I didn’t have to look up these steps…(borrowed from a Microsoft forum).

Restart the PC, hold down F8 once you enter the Windows® Boot Menu choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt, and now type in the following:

The first command adds a new user called “root”, the second command adds that user to the Administrators group and the third command removes the user from the Users group which leaves him in the Administrators group.

Once you have logged in as your “root” user you can then change the Administrator password, or keep logging in as “root” which seems more natural for some of us.