Dangerous AI

Dangerous AI

Let's create an AI with emotions in order to make it more relatable. Like the SpongeBob Squarepants character 'Karen' who is the computer wife of 'Plankton'. She interacts with her 'user' by providing him with information, solicited or otherwise. This information is delivered with contempt, jealousy or indifference. Very human like.

Let's create an entity that uses a scale of 1 to x (Scale is variable based on the needs of the user to tweak the personality to near infinite granularity)

aggression ||||| curiosity |||||||||| empathy. ||||||||||||||||||||

Moodiness would provide the human like variable that would govern other variables.

Putchik Wheel of Emotions - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotion_classification#Plutchik.27s_wheel_of_emotions


In the pursuit of AGI, perhaps the grouping of specific personalities to create a whole greater than its sum be the "Holy Grail" of AGI? Could it be that creating a statistician like "Hanibal" and an engineer like "Murdoch" individually be the method instead of expecting our end singular result to perform as both? Throw some "Face" into the mix to charm us when the end result doesn't work as planned to smooth over the situation and you have yourself quite an impressive experience.

Create the AGI equivalent of Einstein. This entity would create a General Unified Theory, BOOM we have teleportation and affordable space travel, right?

Written by fullaware in creative on Tue 12 May 2009.