Memory Augmentation

Memory Augmentation

Stop remembering Stop remembering! Have instant access to every thought and experience you have ever had. Indexed and ready to 'remind' you in nanoseconds.

Every face, every conversation, every person you’ve met in passing all accessible as if it had just happened. As technologically connected as we’ve allowed ourselves to become this is something that we all need.

At what point is the data collection process going to be up to par with the data retrieval process. Honestly after you are done “tagging” your images with the pertinent data and your casual conversations recorded and perhaps even dictated as though you have a stenographer in your pocket, how hard would it be to have that data at your fingertips?

I can thank Charles Stross for this idea and recommend you buy his book 'Accelerando'


Standing in line to purchase a cup of tea at a local shop you see someone reading a book that you are fond of. You strike up a conversation about the person, you agree this author is quite the thinker. You volley names (recorded), the strangers face is captured with the pen camera you have in your pocket, nothing intrusive as he is likely doing the same to your mug. You exchange career info (recorded) and find that you have some link there as well (recorded).

Written by fullaware in creative on Tue 12 May 2009.