Story Ideas

Ecology Biohackers

Radical ecologists that sabotage man made structures in order to force civilization to be environmentally centered versus industrial. The movement started as a passionate desire to see Earth thrive. When their "Eco-preachers" failed to win hearts and minds, they were forced to experiment with reckless DNA altered botony. Altering plants to "strike back" at mankind like vine plants impervious to all known pesticides that feed on concrete and asphalt. Thes plants are set in key areas like bridges and buildings. Even performing guerilla "injections" of altered trees in the middle of busy intersections that are modified to grow fast and deep root structures almost impossible to extract. The first instance of this resulted in 4 city blocks being demolished in jungle undergrowth.


The moon lit up the water and passing clouds. Cautiously at first he stepped onto the surface of the water which caused no ripple but bent ever so slightly to the travelers weight. He was careful to keep between the shadows of the sparse but moving clouds. Without the moonlight his step would not be accepted by the Ocean. Walking on water was tricky business and permission must be had before attempting. Only once before, as an ancient story tells, permission had been granted to a man by the Ocean. His stride was steady and rewarded with far greater distance than is possible with mans ancient agreement with Earth. Flying hummingbird fish like lightning bugs appearing around him and at times directly in front of him often causing him to have to quickly duck or change directions.

Written by fullaware in creative on Tue 12 May 2009.