I started as a field tech replacing modems, serial hubs, Okidata printers and terminals connected to Compaq servers running SCO UNIX. On the job training took place after I showed up at the site with replacement equipment and swapped it out. Only then was I allowed to call the “gurus”, Senior Support Engineers, who would walk me through all the commands necessary to allow them remote access via the modem. Sometimes the engineers were patient and happy to educate me on what exactly the commands did. I took those opportunities to learn what I could so that I might be able to solve the problems before calling them next time.

I never got a chance to have my own SCO Unix machine since it only supported server hardware which was far outside my budget then. A few years later, I heard about Linux and how it could run on almost any hardware, including desktops. I proceeded to install Linux on anything I could get my hands on. I also became one of those annoying “Linux Guys” that always recommended replacing solutions with Open Source alternatives.

When VMware ESX came out running Red Hat Linux I was delighted. I got my first certification ever as a VMware Certified Professional.

Linux no longer needs advocates to bolster adoption. It has become the standard.

I continue to share my knowledge in hopes that others can better themselves and their community.

# I ❤ Python
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