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How to structure ArgoCD

This is a great reference for understanding the App of Apps model for deployment with ArgoCD. How to Structure Your Argo CD Repositories Using Application Sets post by Kostis Kapelonis

Managing multiple Kubernetes contexts

Keep all INDIVIDUAL kubeconfig.yaml files under .kube/contexts

Then put the following line in your .bashrc (Linux) or .bash_profile (MacOS)

├── k8scluster1.yaml
└── k8scluster2.yaml
export KUBECONFIG=${HOME}/.kube/config:$(for YAML in $(find ${HOME}/.kube/contexts -name '*.yaml') ; do echo -n ":${YAML}"; done)

MongoDB Proper Kubernetes installation with Helm


In a previous post I created my own MongoDB deployment and installed with Kustomize. Let’s use the “official” Bitnami Helm Chart to install MongoDB.

Complexity kills

Before designing your next microservices architecture, consider this brilliant post by Andrei Taranchenko Death by a Thousand Microservices

MongoDB Kubernetes Deployment


While writing Tagging Asteroids with MongoDB I was able to quickly provision a cluster on the free tier of MongoDB Atlas. What I originally wanted was to quickly stand up a MongoDB instance in my Kubernetes environment but found most documentation too complex for my usecase. Just give me a MongoDB “dialtone” as quickly as possible without having to install the binaries on my system.

Pi-Hole Wildcard DNS

In order to access Kubernetes applications via my ingress projectcontour.io, I’ll use a wildcard DNS entry.

Unfortunately this isn’t a simple entry in the web UI for Pi-hole (yet?). A quick search and Brandon Rozek had documented the steps to add a wildcard DNS entry in dnsmasq.

K8s Waiting for Condition=Available=True

While working with Ansible for standing up a vanilla Kubernetes 1.25.5 cluster I found myself separating the the initial bootstrapping of the cluster, which includes intalling the CNI antrea from the rest of the configuration (metrics,metallb,contour) due to waiting for antrea to become Ready.